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Fort Worth Real Estate just got easier

You deserve a home that feels like you, which is why we created Fort Worth’s only one stop shop for BUYING, SELLING, DESIGN & RENOVATION in Fort Worth.

We believe finding or creating your dream home shouldn't have to be complicated or stressful.





At 6th Ave Homes, we know you want to be original and we think you deserve the perfect house, a home that feels like you.  In order to do that, you need to buy the right house and then also be able to renovate it to make it your own.

The problem is the old school real estate model just can’t get it all done. Most people waste a lot of time and money trying to find a real estate agent, a design agency, AND a construction company to be able to bring their vision to life.  

We understand your frustrations and that you might be feeling overwhelmed with the whole process. Let’s be real, it can be confusing and can easily leave you feeling stressed and unsure of where to turn.  

But we believe there is a better way.

And that’s why we created 6th Ave Homes; Fort Worth’s only One Stop Shop for BUYING, SELLING, DESIGN and RENOVATION.


The Story


We are two guys — a detective for the city of Fort Worth and a musician in a Country Rock band (Green River Ordinance) — who love bringing old properties back to life. We are an unlikely pair, but we are business partners, neighbors and also best friends. In 2014, we started a real estate company, 6th Ave Homes, that specializes in buying, selling, and renovating old houses. Together, we have personally bought, sold, and restored over 90 historic properties in Fort Worth.

6th Ave Homes has grown since its inception and in the fall of 2016 we expanded our company to include a team of real estate, guides, agents, designers, and renovation experts to help YOU buy, sell, and renovate YOUR home or commercial property. Since then we have helped hundreds of Fort Worthians find a create a space that feels like them. In 2017 we started work on The 411, our first commercial development, where we transformed an old 17,000 square foot warehouse into 4 retail stores, a restaurant, bar, and an event space. In 2019 we were chosen as the “Small Business Of The Year” by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce.

Restoration is what drives us and our company. Every day, we believe that we have the opportunity to impact our community in a positive way. Watching things be brought back to life is what keeps us going. We try to incorporate the idea of restoration in everything we do, from our relationships with our clients to the houses we work on. We want to make everything better than when we found it.

Our mission is simple: Creating Homes. Building Community. Real Estate with Soul.

-Jamey & Jimmy

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Life is too short to live in a boring home