Zip Forms

Zip forms is the backend system we use to manage our client contracts and paper works


Getting Started

Once you have signed up with GFWAR you should get access to zipforms. 



To access ZipForms you must have a TAR username and password (

From the TAR website you can access ZipForms and use your TAR login and password to log into ZipForms.


To access MLS/ENTREIS you must have registered with the GFWAR and received your login number (your license number + a 0 in front).

From the NTREIS website ( use your GFWAR login number as your username and for your password use your last name all caps (ex: SPAULDING)

Once logged in, you will be directed to create a new password


We have some basic 6AH templates that you can download and import straight into your zipforms to get started. These are already pre-filled with some of our brokerage info and are the basic forms that we require for EVERY transaction.

1) Download our templates here :

2) Once the files are downloaded, unzip them. 

3) Click the "Templates" tab (top of gray menu) in your zipforms portal. 

4) Click the "import icon". You will then browse for the files. Click on the "Buy" folder. Then click the "Forms" subfolder. Click the file ending in ".xzfx". Then click "Ok"

5) Once you have done that a template should now be loaded. Click on the button to open your template. 

6) There are 2 MANDATORY forms that do not automatically load. So you will need to add those manually. Click the "Add document" icon". Then "Browse for File" in the same MAIN 6AH folder you just downloaded from dropbox, there is a sub folder called, "zipVault". Click that and select the two documents that are inside there, 6AH Info About Square Footage & 6AH Reno Terms and Conditions. Hit "Ok" and they will be added to your template. 

7) Repeat this process for the Listing forms. 

8) Click the "Parties" tab within your template.

9) Add a new party, selling or listing broker. This will be your info so that it will automatically populate in your template. Make sure to save the template once you do this.