life is too short to work for a boring company.

We are changing the game of how real estate is done in Fort Worth. 


6th Ave Homes is in the dream home business

We are a full service real estate company. That means we can help people BUY, SELL, DESIGN, and REHAB their home. Our goal is to help people get into their dream home. To do that we have put together a great team of real estate agents and professional contractors. Unlike most brokerages that just specialize in the buying and selling, we also offer construction as part of our real estate service. There is no one else in town offering all of the above under one roof. If you work for us, you also have access to our contractors and designers. 

We have Fun!

We are a company committed to having fun while we work. 

Family & Faith is important to us

We don't want you to work too much. Creating margin in our lives for family and faith is an important part of our culture. As long as you are doing your job with excellence, we will always encourage you to take time for your family. Additionally, we believe in the idea of Sabath and resting. Everyone should have 1 day per week where they do not even think about work. 

Our Platform is Large

We have one of the biggest online networks of any real estate company in Fort Worth. Since launching in May of 2016 we currently have over 4,300 instagram followers and 2,800 Facebook followers and both are still growing! We have been featured in Fort Worth Star Telegram, Fort Worth Magazine, CEO Magazine, Indulge Magazine, and WFAA

No one engages millennials the way we do

We have uniquely positioned ourselves to engage millenials (the biggest group of up and coming home buyers) in a way that no other real estate company in town is doing. 

We have soul!

Our branding and imaging is savvy. We are insanely intentional about everything the public sees. From our signs, to our website, to our office. We want to create marketing pieces that inspire. 

We are small and curated

6th Ave Homes never wants to be the biggest brokerage in town. But we do want to be THE best. We hand pick only the best agents who align with our culture. 

There is purpose and meaning behind what we do

We believe we are called to impact our city and that the work we do has purpose. We are not just trying to make money off of transactions. We have a unique opportunity to serve our clients, help create homes, build neighborhoods, and shape the culture of Fort Worth.