Hey Acquisition experts, welcome to the table of contents!

Here you will find everything you need to know about being a 6th Ave Homes Wholesaler.

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 1-Mission & Core Values

The core of who we are as a company and why we do what we do.

2-Communication Strategy

Basic principles for how we do business and communicate with the outside world

3-6th Ave Homes & Wholesaling Hierarchy Chart

The flow for chain of command

4- Getting started with 6AH/wholesaling

Everything you need to know about getting started as a 6AH Wholesaler. 

5-Wholesaling job description, expectations, policies

Company Policy, Procedures, and the details about your job

6-forms & Documents

All the documents you will need for closing a deal

7-Additional compensation & benefits

The perks for you

8-Training information & Videos

Have a question, not sure what a double close is? Here you will find helpful videos to guide you

9-preferred vendors

Our preferred vendors for all things real estate


All of the 6AH team info and real estate hotlines

11 - VIP & Feedback survey

We are fans of Feedback. Please share this with your clients.

12 - Weekly Update

We want to hear how you are doing. Please check-in!