What’s Next?


The first step to becoming official with the 6th Ave Homes Team is to Read and Fill out the 6th Ave Homes Handbook. This is our guide to the culture and secondary rules at 6th Ave Homes.

Secondly, like brokerages and other wholesale companies, most of the employees with FW Restoration will be considered independent contractors instead of employees. This means that while there are specific terms fulfilled by both parties, FW Restoration does not employ you and does not withhold any taxes (state, federal, or local). Additionally, this means we do not pay any sort of base salary, require you to work or keep certain hours, pay by the hour, and we are not responsible for any state unemployment compensation. As an independent contractor you will be responsible for all tax obligations and will make and keep your own hours.

You can find the 6th Ave Homes Handbook here.

You can find the Independent Contractor Form for wholesaling here.

You can find the Form W-9 here.

We require all of our wholesale employees to fill out and sign our 6th Ave Homes Employee Handbook, the Independent Contractor Agreement and a Form W-9.


Email Rachel (rachel@6thavehomes.com) to set up your 6AH email account. All business related email must be sent from your 6thavehomes.com email address. 

Also, ask Rachel to add you to our Team Facebook group. It's our way of staying connected to the entire team.


Email Victoria (victoria@6thavehomes.com) for your personalized business cards and email signature. You can attach the email signature at the bottom of all of your emails. 

We want you out in the community networking and meeting people. 6AH will provide you with your first 100 business cards.