The eiland Family


What are your names?

Cliff, Allison and Flint Eiland

What neighborhood/district is your home in?


What do you love about your home?

The overall character of having a home that’s over a hundred years old and the fact that it is in Fairmount.

What is your favorite meal in Fort Worth?

It’s a toss up between cinnamon rolls at Spiral Diner & dinner at Nonna Tata 

What is your favorite watering hole in Fort Worth?

With a newborn..our house! Local breweries and T&P station 

What was it like working with 6th Ave Homes?

It was great having someone who knew Fairmount so well since this is the only place we wanted to be! We would not have found our house without them!

Who was your real estate guide?

Preston Patry