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If you haven’t already, getting pre-approved for a home loan is a great place to start if you are in the market to buy a new home. Follow the link below to our preferred lending partner’s website to get started:

Frequently asked questions

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying, selling, renovating, or designing – every project comes with its fair share of questions. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below. Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Feel free to ask your real estate Guide any questions you may have when they contact you!

We love helping clients buy and sell homes (that are on and off the market) all over the Fort Worth area. We offer our clients first access to our in-house inventory (homes that are flip team is renovating or selling) before they ever hit the market, but we also help our clients buy way more than just our in-house property. Our real estate guides will work tirelessly to help you find the perfect house, whether it is on the market, one of our in-house renovations, or an off market property we have hunted down.

We work in all neighborhoods throughout the greater Fort Worth area. We do not currently work in Dallas, but would love to refer you to some great companies who do.

No problem at all. We think we are some of the best at what we do and will always recommend the very best in the industry. But, if you have a relationship with someone and you know they do great work, we will fully support you in using whoever you want.

Because our contractors and designers are in such a high demand, we are limited in the number of houses that they can see. If you are using another real estate company, we may not be able to come give it a look before you close. Before coming out to see a house, it must be officially under contract or owned by you.

We do! Our renovation experts and designers can help you transform a property you already own or are purchasing. That said, because our renovation team is in high demand, we are limited in the number of custom renovation jobs that we can take on each year. We offer our in house clients (those who use our real estate guides to purchase property) and our past clients priority for renovation work and scheduling, while at the same time taking on a limited number of outside home renovation jobs each year.

We do indeed! If you are looking for investment property, we can help guide you through that process and help you find great off market deals. Dont settle for a company or agent that doesn't actually do investment property. Our team has personally invested in 100’s of houses and owns a large rental portfolio.

We can help you do both! Our real estate guides can help you find the perfect property, identify what it needs to make it your dream home, and connect you with our team of renovation experts, lenders, and designers to truly make it your own.

Unfortunately, we are limited in the number of construction jobs we can take on and look at. We give our in-house clients (who are using 6th Ave Homes to find property) priority access to our renovation and design team.

Most of our in-house inventory (homes that our flip team is renovating) sell before it ever officially hits the market. We give our clients first access and dibs to those projects before we ever post them online or on MLS. If you are working with another real estate company, there is a good chance you may miss out on our renovations and off market properties.

If you are wanting specific info about a property you saw, just send us a message and we will let you know more about it and if it is available.

The best way to see the houses we are working on is to reach out and set up a Meet Up with one of our Real Estate Guides. You can also follow us along on social media.

Pre-approval is one of the first and most important steps in the house hunting process. It will help give us a clear idea of exactly what you can afford and what your budget is. We want to make sure you are set up for success from a financial and budget stand point. Great property moves quick in our current real estate economy and having a pre-approval allows us to move quickly if we find a house you are truly interested in. To get started on your pre-approval you can start the process here.

At 6th Ave Homes we do things a little differently than most real estate companies. Instead of having real estate agents who focus on selling and commissions; we have real estate “Guides”. We never want you to feel like just a transaction. Buying a home is a big decision, but without the right guide it can be stressful and confusing. The goal of our "Guides" is to navigate you through that process and find your perfect home. All of our guides are licensed real estate agents, but our approach and the way we do things is very different.

Additionally, we have found that most of our clients are looking for something original and ultimately want a home that feels like them. Because of that, we created a one stop that can help you buy, sell, design, and renovate. Our team of real estate Guides specialize in helping you find the perfect home and then also teaming you up with the right designers and renovation experts in case your home needs that extra bit of love to make it right for you.

All of our Real Estate Guides are licensed and insured real estate agents and are members of the Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors. We call our agents Guides because their job is not to “sell” to clients like a traditional agent, but to be knowledgeable in all areas of real estate (including construction and investing) and guide our clients through the process.


Life is too short to live in a boring home – we know you want to be original and we think you deserve the perfect house, a home that feels like you. In order to do that, you need to be able to buy the right house and have the ability to make it your own. 

The problem is that the old school real estate model just can't get it done. That's why we created a one-stop shop for buying, selling, design, and renovation in Fort Worth. We understand your frustrations and that you might be feeling overwhelmed with the whole buying, selling, or renovation process. It can leave you feeling frustrated and unsure of where to turn. We believe you shouldn't have to settle. You need a Real Estate Guide who gets you. Someone you can trust that will navigate you through the process. That's why our real estate Guides are part of a team to help you find, purchase, and transform your new home. 

We've helped hundreds of Fort Worthians find or create a space that feels like them. We can't wait to help you,