We love Selling Houses!

Thanks for visiting the 6th Ave Homes Selling Steps. Our team of experienced agents are excited to help you sell and market your house. We want to help put money in your pocket and set your family up for success!

Below you will find a simple form that we use to gather info about you and your house. Please be as specific as possible as it gives us an idea of how we can best help you accomplish your real estate goals. It also walks you through the 6th Ave Homes listing process and gives you a big picture view of what to expect.


Step 1 - fill out the form bellow

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STEP 2 - REsearch

After you fill out the form above it's time for our team to do some homework. We will research your house and your neighborhood in order to come up with an educated and realistic idea of what your property will sell for on the market. Our team of licensed agents each have access to all of the homes that have sold with in your area. 


Time : 30 - 45 min

After you fill out the form above one of our team members will contact you to schedule your 6th Ave Homes "Meet Up". This is our time to get to know each other, walk through your property, and see how we can help you market and sell your home. We want to chat about your goals and timeline.

Most importantly, we'll use this time to discuss expectations - the support you can expect from us throughout the process, and what we'll need from you to make this a successful partnership.  We want to help you and your family get the most out of your property!

STEP 4 - Listing Agreement

Should you choose to move forward with 6th Ave Homes, we will present you with a listing agreement giving us permission to act as the exclusive brokerage to represent you and help sell your house. This is a standard document created by the Texas Association of Realtors. We charge a flat fee of 6% of the sales price of your home.

STEP 5 - Set a Price

The most important factor when putting your home on the market to sell is setting the right price. The price at which your property is marketed can make or break the deal. We will take into consideration all of the research our team has done and your families goals to come up with the perfect listing price. 

STEP 6 - Get the House Ready

We have a price and we're ready to go, but first we need to get the house ready to "wow" prospective buyers. The condition of your property is always a factor in how quickly your home sells. It's a fact: acquiring the highest market value and elevating your home above the others in the same price range often comes down to first impressions. 

This is where we need YOUR help. Anything you can do to spruce up the home, declutter, and get it in shape for the market will go a long way. We will give you our thoughts and suggestions on things you can do to improve the "wow" factor of your home. But we always recommend these items.  

  1. Keep the grass cut and yard clutter to a minimum.

  2. Apply fresh paint to any wooden fences, baseboards, and your front door.

  3. Clean windows inside and out.

  4. Wash or paint your home's exterior.

  5. Ensure gutters and other exterior fashions are firmly attached.

  6. Fix things that are broken or are in need of repair.

  7. Clean or paint walls and ceilings.

  8. Clean all flooring and fixtures.

  9. Repair plumbing leaks

  10. Declutter! Remove excessive wall hangings, furniture, and personal goods. You might want to rent a storage unit for out of season clothes, decorations, memorabilia, sporting equipment, furniture and other goods that come between a house hunter and the house

STEP 7 - photos

We believe that great photos sell houses, which is why we hire the best professional photographers to capture your property. Once the house is staged, cleaned, and decluttered it’s time to schedule a photo shoot at your home.

STEP 8 - Paperwork

No one likes paperwork, but unfortunately it's a necessary part of listing your home. We want to make sure you are set up for success and legally covered. Our agents will walk you through the necessary paperwork and disclosures we will need to get your house on the market. 

STEP 9 - List It!

Once steps 1-8 are complete its time to put your house on the market! 

STEP 10 - Showings  

Showings are inconvenient, but they are a necessary part of the home selling process. When your home is on the market it has the potential to be shown at any time, so it's important to maintain a certain level of cleanliness; clear dishes from the sink, make beds, put away dirty laundry, and vacuum and dust regularly. It's also a good idea to clear out; it makes buyers uncomfortable to tour a home when the owners are in the next room, so for the sake of your sale, hit the road jack.

Step 11 - Hooray an Offer!

The moment we have all be waiting for, someone (or hopefully multiple someones) makes an offer on your home. Our agents will walk you through the offer and negotiate on your behalf. Because you have been working with the 6th Ave Homes team, this largely complicated step will feel like a breeze.

STEP 12 - INspections

Once a buyer and seller reach mutual acceptance on a property, a home inspector is generally hired to investigate every nook and cranny to determine if the home is in need of any repairs. An inspector will check items, such as the roof, basement, heating system, water heater, air-conditioning system, structure, plumbing, and electrical. Afterwards, buyers will have a chance to negotiate to cover the costs of certain repairs or to ask for concessions. We generally recommend budgeting $1,000-2,000 to cover any repairs that might need to be made. 

  Step 13 - Closing Time

It’s now time to make it official. After signing some paperwork and closing documents at the title company, the house is SOLD! 

STEP 14 - Celebrate!

You did it! Your house is SOLD and you are now a part of the 6th Ave Homes Family. Take some pics and celebrate well!