Things to know about your move-in:

Application - You can download your application HERE.

Electricity - You can use any electric company that you'd like. You'll find more info about what's available HERE. You will need to schedule to have your electricity turned on the day of your move-in or before.  This will be done by the electric company and your presence is not required.

Cable TV & Internet - Charter Spectrum provides high-speed internet and cable TV.  You also may want to compare pricing and speeds with AT&T U-Verse.  **If there aren't already cable hookups in your unit, they will install them as a part of their service agreement when they come to do the installation for initial service.

Trash - You can check HERE to see the trash schedule and information on bulk waste collection.

Mail - You can change your address HERE.  If you are going out of town for an extended amount of time, you can request your mail to be stopped temporarily HERE.

Rent - Rent is to be dropped off between the 1st and 5th of each month in the form of a check or money order.  It should be dropped off in the drop box on the South-facing wall at 1710 College Ave that reads "THIS IS NOT A MAILBOX."

Maintenance - If you have a maintenance request, you can let us know HERE.



New to Fort Worth?  No problem.

If you're new to Fort Worth, welcome!  We want you to feel at home.  Your property manager, Joshua Wilkerson, has listed some of his favorite things to do in Fort Worth below.

Outdoor Activities:
- The Trinity Trails are a great place to run, bike, etc during the day.
- Cowtown Cycle Party is a really fun way to meet new people, have some drinks, and some fun.  They have mixer rides. 
- Night Riders (if you have a bike - have you noticed a theme here?) - They have rides on Wednesday and Sunday that leave at 7:30 PM from HopFusion.  You just need to have a bike, a headlight, and a tail light.  It's free and riders of all skill levels are welcome.  Wednesdays are a fitness ride.  Sundays are a pub-crawl ride that stops at two bars.

Craft Breweries:
- HopFusion - This is more of a tap room that serves it's own beer.
- Rahr - The biggest brewery in town.
- Martin House - Also pretty large and mainly outdoor. You may want to bring your own seating.

Tex-Mex is a thing here, so you may or may not accept it, but some of the options will be Tex-Mex.
- Uncle Julios - An order of fajitas for 1 is plenty for 2 people and don't be shy with the "mexican butter."
- Shinjuku Station - It's an interesting Japanese tappas place with good cocktails too.
- Rodeo Goat - Ridiculous/tasty burgers.
- Yucatan Taco Stand - One of my favorite margaritas in town.  If you order the nachos, be prepared to share because it's a mountain of food.
- Salsa Limon - My order is a barbacoa burrito -rice -beans +egg +avacado +cheese.  I know, it's kind of stupid.
- Cannon Chinese Kitchen - Chinese tappas.
- Sushi - Sushi Axiom, Blue Sushi, Tokyo Cafe, and Little Lilly are all great.
- Del Frisco's - This is an expensive place, but probably my favorite in town.  If you love steak and want to celebrate something, it's worth looking into.
- Hiem BBQ - This place is silly-popular.  You're probably going to have a wait, but their burnt ends are fantastic.
- Joe T Garcia's - AKA Joe T's.  This is a staple of Fort Worth.  The atmosphere is great.  Tips: Sit outside, it's cash only, but they do have an ATM on-site.
- Nonna Tata - If you want a tiny, hole-in-the-wall place with great food and a long wait, this is your place.  I don't say that sarcastically; in my opinion, it's worth it.  Tips: Bring a bottle of wine and some camping chairs perhaps.  They'll open the wine for you and you can enjoy it while you wait for a table.  Maybe call ahead to ask for other tips.  It is also cash only and they do not have an ATM.
- I could go on, but let's go the next topic.

- Central Market - A specialty grocery store where you can spend a lot of money and leave with 2 items, BUT if you want some of the best meats to grill or want to browse through 500 different types of cheese, that's where I would go.
- Burgundy's - A small meat market with local, grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork, etc.

- Flying Saucer - Mainly craft beer, downtown, chain, has food too.
- Gingerman - Only beer, also a chain, has snacks.
- The Bearded Lady - On Magnolia, full bar but mostly craft beer, has food too.
- The Usual - Unique craft cocktails ($$).
- Thompson's - Speakeasy, downtown, check their facebook for the password to get into the lower level ($$).

- Avoca - Always crowded for table space, but has great coffee and wifi.
- Brewed - Has great coffee, kombucha, beer, & food.

- The Museum District - Fort Worth has some GREAT museums, so if that's your thing, please check them out.
- Movies - My favorite is the Movie Tavern on West 7th.  They serve drinks, food, etc during the movie.  There is also a drive-in theater called Coyote Drive-In.
- Sporting Events - My preference is cost:fun.  With that in mind, I'd go with Rangers first, Mavericks second, and Cowboys third.
- Shooting - You're in Texas now so I guess let's make the stereotype true.  If you want to shoot a gun, whether you own one or not, I'd suggest going to Defender Outdoors.
- Bass Hall - If you want to see a show, play, or just a beautiful building, this is a great place.
- Botanic Gardens - If you want to just have a peaceful day, it's free and beautiful.
- Fort Worth Zoo - This is a pretty big, well maintained zoo.  On Wednesdays, tickets are half-price.