Get your licensed sponsored by 6th Ave Homes Brokerage

1. To do this you will need to login to the my license portion of the TREC website.

2. Select the drop down menu “Choose A Function” next to your license and select “Manage My Sponsorship (Sales)

3. On the next screen, choose the tab on the left side that reads "Manage My List" and select the button at the bottom left that reads "Request Sponsorship"

A pop up form will then open up.

Where it says "License Type", select "Real Estate Company (LLC or Corporation)". 

4. Where it says "License Number", type in 9005507 (this is the 6th Ave Homes brokerage Licenses number).

Leave the rest of the fields empty and then hit the "Search" button. 

This should pull up 6th Ave Homes LLC info at the bottom of the form. Select the box next to our license number and then hit the "Request" button. This will submit a request to our brokerage for sponsorship.

You will then be taken to a page to pay to activate your license

NOTE, there is not always a confirmation page, so e-mail Jamey once you have completed these steps with a copy of your license.


Like most brokerages all of our real estate agents are considered independent contractors instead of employees. This means that we do not with hold any taxes (state, federal, or local) for any of our agents. Additionally, this means we do not pay any sort of base salary, require agents to work or keep certain hours, pay by the hour, and we are not responsible for any state unemployment compensation. As an independent contractor you will be responsible for all tax obligations and will make and keep your own hours.

We require all of our agents to fill out and sign an independent contractor agreement and our 6th Ave Homes Employee Handbook. Rachel or Victoria will email you the documents for you to review and sign electronically.

*We will need this before you can officially start working on the 6th Ave Homes team.


Membership in the Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors and Texas Association of Realtors is required of all 6th Ave Homes Agent. This membership gives you access to MLS, NTREIS Matrix, Zipforms (our backend system), and tons of great resources and support from the GFWAR team. 

1. To sign up, contact Meghan Sheehan with GFWAR to schedule your new applicant meeting

817-870-2863 ext 102

    2. You will also need to sign up for a SUPRA lockbox account. We also recommend purchasing your first Supra Box at this time

Meghan should walk you through how to use your SUPRA key which requires downloading the “eKEY” app to your phone

    3. You will also be required to attend a New Member Orientation Class, Matrix MLS Training, and NAR Code of Ethics Class              before you gain MLS access

Note: the Ethics class can be done online and take about an hour

Meghan will provide you details on the Matrix MLS Training

Meghan will provide you the The New Member Orientation schedule class is from 9:30 - 12pm at the GFWAR Offices

   4. Once you have MLS access, create an online account here.

   5. Download the NTREISGo App to your phone.


To access MLS/NTREIS you must have registered with the GFWAR and received your login number (your license number + a 0 in front).

From the NTREIS website ( use your GFWAR login number as your username and for your password use your last name all caps (ex: ICE)

Once logged in, you will be directed to create a new password


This is the MOST important form you will need to have as agent. If you do do not provide this to all customers and prospective customers you will be liable for BIG fines and loss of license. This needs to be given at first contact with prospective clients.

You can get the pre-filled 6AH IABS here.

Additionally, a link to YOUR form will need to be linked in the body of any e-mails with prospective clients.


CSS makes showing, accessing, and listing houses easy. Set up your account here.

If you are only managing buyers, you can have the free account. Once you have listings, you will need to set up a Membership Account to allow agents to schedule showings.

Once you have an account, download the CSS app to your phone to schedule showings and save showings to your calendar.

For additional tips and tricks, watch the CSS Video we created


Email Rachel ( to set up your 6AH email account. All business related email must be sent from your email address. 

Also, ask Rachel to add you to our Team Facebook group. It's our way of staying connected to the entire team.


We believe our signs are one of our greatest marketing tools, which is why we choose to use custom handmade wood signs. Our signs make a statement and stand out. We provide two signs for new agents and each additional sign is available for an additional $300

Turn around time on new signs is 2-3 weeks. 


Fill out a Property Listing Form and email Krista ( to let her know it has been submitted. She will send you the file as soon as it is ready so you can print them at your convenience.


Email Victoria ( for your personalized business cards and email signature. You can attach the email signature at the bottom of all of your emails. 

We want you out in the community networking and meeting people. 6AH will provide you with your first 100 business cards.


Zipforms is our backend system and they way we handle contracts, forms, and manage our transactions. You will sign up for Zipform access at your GFWAR New Member Meeting. Set up a Zipforms account here.

We created two Zipforms videos to help you getting set up with Buyers and/or Sellers:


There are several additional videos and training guides that you can access:  

You can also download the Zipforms phone application for $5.00. It is worth it to update contracts using an iPad or smart phone.

Zipforms Templates

We have some basic 6AH templates that you can download and import straight into your Zipform to get started. These are already pre-filled with some of our brokerage info and are the basic forms that we require for EVERY transaction.

Watch this video to learn how to use templates:

1. Download our templates below: the listing/buying templates file cannot be read by your computer, but Zipforms will be able to read the code. The Reno Terms & Conditions and 6AH Square footage docs are PDFs - upload separately.

Listing Template

Buying Template

Reno Terms & Conditions Doc 

6AH Square Footage Doc

2. Once the files are downloaded, unzip them. 

3. Click the "Templates" tab (top of gray menu) in your zipforms portal. 

4. Click the "import icon". You will then browse for the files. Click on the "Buy" folder. Then click the "Forms" subfolder. Click the file ending in ".xzfx". Then click "Ok"

5. Once you have done that a template should now be loaded. Click on the button to open your template. 

6. There are 2 MANDATORY forms that do not automatically load.

So you will need to add those manually. Click the "Add document" icon. Then "Browse for File" in the same MAIN 6AH folder you just downloaded from dropbox, there is a sub folder called, "zipVault". Click that and select the two documents that are inside there, 6AH Info About Square Footage & 6AH Reno Terms and Conditions. Hit "Ok" and they will be added to your template. 

7. Repeat this process for the Listing forms. 

8. Click the "Parties" tab within your template.

9. Add a new party, selling or listing broker. This will be your info so that it will automatically populate in your template. Make sure to save the template once you do this. 



These are pre-made e-mail examples that are great for communicating with your clients