Lets talk Money

Below is what we offer our team members, what we charge, and costs you can expect to incur along the way.


Independent Contractors

Our designers are independent contractors.  This means that we do not with hold any taxes (state, federal, or local) for any of our agents. Additionally. this means we do not pay any sort of base salary, require our agents to work or keep certain hours, pay by the hour, and we are not responsible for any state unemployment compensation.

What we offer our Designers


1) Pitching and Customer Info Design Services to All 6AH Renovation Customers

2) Bookkeeper to handle invoices and Collect Payments from Clients

3) Bookkeeper to pay out Contractor

4) Bookkeeper to handle 1099 payment and tax info

5) A personal bio and landing page

6) Graphic design for 6th Ave Home Branded Materials

7) 6th Ave Homes email address + online storage

8) 200 Business cards

9) Designers will be promoted through our network and platform

10) Access to our media team

11) Custom 6AH marketing materials

12) Contracts Needed to Sign with Customers

13) Disclosure Forms

14) Sales Packages

15) Access to 6AH Renovation LLC Contractors and Expertise

16) Access to All of Our Vendors and Contact Info

Fee Structure

20% of the Design Services Charge Fee

15% of the Net Profits on mark ups of All Client Purchases

Designer Terms

1) Right of Refusal - Contractor has 1st option and 1st right of refusal on any outside customer construction projects that come our way. It is your sole discretion to pass or accept them

2) Non-Compete Clause - May not enter into an agreement with any client or prospect that has been introduced by, informed by 6AH, or because of 6AH Branding and Marketing while under this agreement. If the designer enters into an agreement for design services apart from 6AH, 6AH cannot offer any of the services listed in this agreement.  On specific situations, when both designer and 6AH Renovation LLC agree, designer may be able to operate apart from this agreement and offer services separate from this agreement.

3) Ownership of Intellectual Property- Designer has all rights to post and publish all jobs that he/she has been a part of.

4) Marketing - Designer will not use any 6AH Renovation LLC projects to market another design company or business while under this agreement.

5) Exit - This relationship shall be set up as an independent contractor and the designer or 6AH Renovation LLC is free to terminate this agreement at any time.

6) Leads - All leads that come into 6AH Renovation LLC will be distributed at the sole discretion of 6AH Renovation LLC

7) Insurance - Independent contractor would carry own insurance

8) Billing - All billing and payments will go through 6AH Renovation LLC.

9) Bidding -  Contractor will be responsible for bidding, selling packages, completing all design services per their contract

10) Updates - Required Weekly Updates per project

11) Office - Designer Will have access to 6AH Office Space for a monthly fee (Fee to be Determined)