Lets talk Money

Below is what we offer our team members, what we charge, and costs you can expect to incur along the way.


Independent Contractors

All of our agents are independent contractors.  This means that we do not with hold any taxes (state, federal, or local) for any of our agents. Additionally. this means we do not pay any sort of base salary, require our agents to work or keep certain hours, pay by the hour, and we are not responsible for any state unemployment compensation.

What we offer our team

1) A personal bio and landing page

2) Graphic design for 6th Ave Home Branded Materials

3) 6th Ave Homes email address + online storage

4) 200 Business cards.

4) E & O Insurance

4) 3 Custom hand made "For Sale" signs.

5) 4 6AH Branded Open house signs.

6) Agents will be promoted through our network and platform

 7) Access to our media team

8) Training

9) Custom 6AH marketing materials


20% brokerage fee on all commissions. 

30% of the first 3 transactions. This covers our initial admin set up and costs.

$100 / month (covers admin, E&O insurance, graphic design, etc)

$400 / transaction optional contract to close transaction management fee (if desired) 

Extra out of pocket expenses you cover


$50 enrollment fee

$39 / month

Additional Signs

Custom wood 6AH Signs are $300 / sign

Includes - Agents Name & Number


Supra Key Admin Fee - $16.24

E-Key - $50

Supra Lock Box - $95 / box (purchased at GFWAR)


MLS Franchise Fee - $100 (paid by brokerage)

Subscriber Fee - $130 / Quarterly = $520 / year


Application Fee - $200

Realtor Dues - $448 / year

Getting Paid

All commissions are paid out at closing by the title company handling the transaction. In order to be paid, you will need to get a CDA from 6th Ave Homes that you will submit to the title company prior to the closing. Agents may not submit their own CDA, as all CDA's need to come directly from the brokerage. CDA's will not be released until all transaction documents are in the 6AH google drive. 

Docs need for CDA release are : 

-IABS, Listing or Buyers Rep Agreement, Contract, Amendments, SD & Lead Disclosures

Leads. How are they handled.

Leads that come directly into 6th Ave Homes corporate are distributed at sole discretion of brokerage. Brokerage charges an additional 15% commission (35% total) on all leads assigned to agents. 

Team Work

We encourage working with customers as a team or in pairs. Splits are at the discretion of the agent who generated the lead. 


6th Ave Homes office is coming soon!


6th Ave Homes will give recruiting agents 3% of the total agents comission on the first 3 transactions of any new agent they recruit. Note, bringing an agent onto the 6AH team is at sole discretion of brokerage.