1. To access MLS/NTREIS you must have registered with the GFWAR and received your login number (your license number + a 0 in front).

2. From the NTREIS website ( use your GFWAR login number as your username and for your password use your last name all caps (ex: ICE)

3. Once logged in, you will be directed to create a new password

4. To access MLS you will want to select the icon that says “Matrix” on the NTREIS Dashboard when you log in.

NTREIS Dashboard

Other helpful icons included the “Tax” also referred to as Realist Tax. This tool allows you to look up property tax information as well as owner information. It is very helpful if you want to “farm” a neighborhood and send mailers to homeowners. You can download addresses and it will even format them as labels.

Whenever you are pulling CMAs, you can use Cloud CMA. It can be accessed here or through the Matrix portal after you made a search if you want to pre-populate the comps. There is a video on how to create, pull, and present a CMA. 

You can also access RPR, Supra, and Zipforms from the dashboard. 

MLS “Matrix”

Saved Search

MLS is where you will spend most of your time. This is where you will set up a home search for buyers to research properties. You can set one of up to auto e-mail your buyers new homes that meet their criteria, or you can use concierge mode to have all new properties sent to you that meet that criteria and you can pick and choose which ones are sent to your buyers. This makes it more personal, but takes more time on your end. Recommended for your VIP or not as tech-savvy clients.

For help on setting up a listing, watch the video below to guide you through it

You can set up the searches as a saved search to access anytime you log into MLS or you can make it an auto e-mail to email your buyers or you anytime a listing is added or modified. The tab at the top called “My Matrix” allows you to look at all of the Saved Searches or Auto E-mails you have set up in case you want to modify them. Note: once you are out of option, turn off an auto-email report to the buyers.

MLS Search Basics

1. Visit and login to your account

2. Click "Matrix". This will open a new window.

3. Click the "Search" tab up top -> "Residential" -> "Quick Search"

4. In top left area, unclick all except "Active" and “Coming Soon”

5. Enter in search criteria

6. Make sure to do range for price and size

7. Click on "results" button. This is down in the bottom left area. This will take you to a new page with all of the active listings that meet your criteria.

8. On the left side you can select any property that you think is a good fit if you want to narrow the search results

9. Select "Save". Then "New Saved Search" or “New Auto Email” Name the search.

10. Then select "Create New Contact". Enter name, email, and then "Save". Then "Save" again. This is where you will set up the criteria on whether or not you will use concierge mode and how often they will receive the e-mail.


MLS for Showings and Offers

Download the NTREIS app so you can easily reference key items during a showing. Buyers will typically ask about square footage, any updates, and if anything is staying with the property. Once they decide they want to make an offer, you will have to log in using your computer again because the documents that a realtor has added to the listing do not show up on the app. Below is where you can locate documents on your computer using MLS if they were uploaded



Key information to get from MLS (or tax) for an offer includes: Sellers Disclosure, LBPA (if applicable), sellers names, listing agent contact information, BAC, and preferred title company. Note: some of this can be pulled in by inputting the MLS number in Zipforms when you’re creating a transaction.


MLS for a Listing

1. MLS is very helpful as you create your listing. Below is a video that can guide you through how to enter a listing in MLS

2. When entering a listing, it is important to reference the MLS input form that your seller filled out, tax appraisal district (TAD for Tarrant County) to make sure all of the data you have is correct.

3. Make sure you discuss the timeline with your seller (review the timeline in the listing steps). You can enter all of the MLS data ahead of time for your listing and leave it as incoming until your sellers are ready.

It is ideal to have photos even for a Coming Soon listing. It is a great way to market your listing. Note: that your listing will not show up on Zillow or until it is switched to Active on MLS.

Once you switch it to either Coming Soon or Active MLS may alert you of some required blanks that you must fill out. Make sure that when you change it that it matches the listing agreement with your seller. Per GFWAR MLS rules, it should be within 3 day (72 hours) of the date on the listing agreement.


Listing Input Basics

1. Visit and login to your account

2. Click "Matrix". This will open a new window.

3. Click the "Input" tab up top

4. Then click the link that says “Add new” under Listings (not Rosters)

5. Then select the listing type - most likely it will be “Residential

6. If you are pulling from an old listing or are transferring it from another agent you can input the old MLS number. If not, select the small link on the top/middle “Start with a blank listing

7. Enter all of the information on every tab. Note: to save, hit “Submit” at the bottom. If it is an Incoming listing, it will let you Submit the form without completing everything.

8. On the top right, select the “Status” tab and change it to “Incoming” to allow you to submit until you are ready to make the listing "Active".

9. Once you hit submit, you will see a link to add/edit photos. This is where you will upload the professional photos once the listing is photo ready.

10. To make changes or add documents you can open the listing from your MLS home page by selecting the link to your Incoming/Active listing. At the bottom of the page select “Edit” and under other options you can “Manage Photos” or “Manage Documents via Transaction Desk”. If it is a residential listing, click the link for residential and it will open the listing form so you can make changes.


CMAs are very important for your listing, but also helpful for buyers to help them understand a good price for their offer. There are a couple of ways to make a comparative market analysis, but the most detailed and professional one is the Cloud CMA, especially for a listing appointment. To get a quick look at what has sold similar to a house a buyer is interested in, you can do a quick CMA after an MLS search for key criteria.


Watch this video to learn how to set one up: INSERT CMA HOW TO VIDEO