Jimmy Williams


I was born and raised in the east side of Fort Worth until my parents moved us out to the country during my teenage years. I grew up in a lower middle class family with my mom at home and dad an undercover cop and brick layer. I can still vividly remember my mom crying in the grocery store line, painfully taking items back because we didn’t have enough money to pay for it. I grew up and helped my dad lay brick in the summers and watched him turn a small brick laying business into building 10+ homes a year; all while working full time for the police department. I moved over 10 times growing up, moving from flip to flip, gaining a taste for construction and real estate each move.

As they say, “like father, like son”. When I turned 22, I applied and was accepted by the Fort Worth Police Department all while getting married to the love of my life, Waverlee. As soon as we saved up enough money, we bought and built our first house a few years later. After a few lot and home sales later, surprise surprise, we flipped our house. After moving 6 times in the first 7 years of marriage, it was time to settle down and we moved into our dream home on 6th Ave.

Today we still live on 6th Ave with our two boys, James and Hunter. Although we live in the city, we have much of the country in our hearts. On any given weekday, you will likely find our family outside, working on a project, playing in the yard, and occasionally see one of the boys peeing off the front porch. (Still trying to work on that one). 

Our family is not the most perfect. We make plenty mistakes and don't always have the most perfect days, or cleanest house, or behaved kids, and sometimes not a comfortable savings account. Just like our houses, there's always work to be done with us also. Maybe that's why the idea of restoration is so appealing to me. Either way, whether it's seeing progress made on our houses, the City, or even our families, my hope is you follow us and enjoy. Thanks for checking us out.