Contractors do more Than Construction

  Your job is to help our clients create their dream home by taking their vision and helping to make it a reality. You put the soul into the construction process. Our ultimate goal is to create spaces that make our clients go “wow”.



1) To know and carry out 6AH’s Mission Statement and Core Values

2) To get to know their customer and guide them in decision making; not pushing your style or construction approaches on them

3) To be skilled in all aspects of renovation work.

4) To treat your sub-contractors with dignity and respect.

5) To be willing to compromise and work well with other members of the 6AH Team

6) To be able to “over-deliver” and constantly be thinking of ways to add value on the projects you sell and complete

7) To be an expert on the latest construction techniques, equipment, and materials. You should not get stuck with many questions you do not know.

8) To overly communicate with the customer in a simple, clear and quick way. If you confuse you lose.

9) To be able to manage timelines and budgets. You should be the first person to see and communicate going over either one.

10) Manage everyone’s expectations; even if it’s bad news.

11) To be detailed oriented with every aspect of the renovation process; from customer meet up, to contracts, to the actual construction and finish out, to completing the project and celebrating.

12) To be honest with the 6AH team when conflicts arise, problems surface, or you have too much on your plate.

13) To celebrate well with your customer and other members of the team