Hey Agents, welcome to the table of contents!

Here you will find everything you need to know about being a 6th Ave Homes Agent.

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 1Mission & Core Values

The core of who we are as a company and why we do what we do.

2 - Communication Strategy

Basic principles for how we do business and communicate with the outside world

3 - Why 6th Ave Homes?

Why work with us?

4 - Rules

Company Policies & Procedures

5 - Job Description

Role & Expectations

6 - Money Money

Fee structure, Employment Structure and Compensation

7 -Goals

Team members goals for the year

8 -Lets Get Started

Everything you need to know about getting started as a 6AH Agent. 

9 -Resources

Important info + Our list of preferred vendors and contractors. 

10 - Media Plan

Our preferred vendors for photography and video

11 - ZipForms 101

Everything you need to know about getting started with Zipforms

12 - Buyers Steps (for Agent)

Steps A-Z of working with Buyers. 

13 - Buyers Steps (for Client)

Our Buyers form + Steps A-Z for our clients.

14 - Listing Steps (For Agent)

Steps A-Z for listing a house

15 - Listing Steps (For Client)

Steps A-Z for listing a house for our clients

16 - Celebrate

Our customers are the heroes. Here is how we make them feel like a million bucks

17 - Renovation

So your clients want to buy a fixer upper??