Listing STEPS


1. Call within 24 hours

2. Send them the Sellers Form Online

3. Walk through the listing steps and coach them on pre-approval process if they are also buying

4. Schedule meet-up at their house to see the property and make recommendations for things to complete prior to listing



1. Pull up details on their house by researching it in TAD and MLS for prior listings.

Run a cloud CMA report and customize it using your name and branding. Bring either a print out or PDF copy of the report to the Meet Up to determine the best sales price

2. Set up clients in ZipForms and import listing contracts

At the Meet Up:

Always schedule listing meet ups at their house

1. Bring new 6AH Meet Up Book

2. 6th Ave Folder with required docs to review at appointment

3. Review CMA of comps for their house.

You can print it, show them the CMA presentation, or PDF on your computer. Show pictures of other comparable homes as you discuss the list price for their home.

4. Always give a recommended list price range, but allow them to make the final decision on list price

     5. Walk through their house and take measurements while also discussing things to change/update before listing. 

After the Meet Up:




1. Send them the following documents to get signed (if they did not sign them initially)


Listing Agreement: Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement

6AH Reno Terms

6AH Square Footage

LBPA (if built prior to 1978)


MLS Input Form

Info About Mineral Clauses

Addendum for Reservation of Minerals (if own and keeping)

  VALUE ADD: MAIL THEM Feel Lucky to work with you card and a Lottery Ticket

2. Upload any warranty information on property (roof, foundation, appliances) for MLS provided by seller

3. Get a T-47 notarized (Preston Patry is a notary) and existing survey from seller

4. Review steps to prepare the house for listing based on your walk through

Paint touch ups, landscaping, minimize and depersonalize, etc

5. Guide the seller through these staging tips to ensure you're on the same page

6. Once ready, schedule a professional photographer to take photos

It can take about a week to receive final photos


1. Create A Timeline

Create a timeline with the seller based on what needs to be done to the house and when they want it to go live or be out of the house.

Be specific and honest! Sometimes a couple thousand on repairs will save them several thousands in the end.

Outline proposed timeline to complete the work

    2. Photos

5-7 days before going live on MLS schedule photos (house must be staged by then)

Good rule of thumb to visit the house the day before photos and come to photos if they are living in it to help stage

     3. Listing Date

Finalize the date the listing will go live.

Set it up as Coming Soon a week before to develop interest. Recommend mid-week with an open house that weekend to drive traffic

Have the option to delay showings until after the open house if you want

Explain that even if the house is under contract that first week, there will be a typical 30 day period before closing

    4.  Price "Improvement" Plan

Set up plan for price reductions prior to listing.

Explain the strategy that based on the amount of traffic and their urgency to sell that gradual price restrictions help to market it to new buyers

Typical plan is every 10-14 days review showings and feedback and reduce price by $2,000-$5,000. Increase that amount based on how fast they need to sell

  5. Expectations

 Also set expectations that once they accept an offer, there is a good chance the buyer is going to try to negotiate it down after the inspection


Once you have the plan finalized, your job is to get it set up to go live. This includes entering it to MLS, setting up CSS, getting a Supra lock box with a key on the door, and installing your sign


Enter items into MLS based on the MLS entry form the sellers filled out. You can verify information through the county appraisal district (TAD for Tarrant) and a previous MLS listing for this house

As the contract progresses, you will need to update MLS to show it is under contract, pending, and sold


You will need to upgrade your membership for listings if you currently have the free membership. Visit the CSS website to re-sign up to upgrade your membership

Add the listing to CSS when you are ready to schedule showings or block it off until the MLS listing is live


Supra Blue Lockbox

The supra box is the most secure option as it ensures only licensed realtors/inspectors/appraisers have access to the property

You can buy one at GFWAR they are about $100

Get a spare key from the sellers and attach it to a secure place outside of the home (front door is typical)

Put your sign up


Get a for sale sign (make sure it does not say renovations!), your name plate, and the sign stand from the storage unit

Buy two rebar stakes (3H right by the storage unit sells metal stakes that work too)

Bring a hammer and water bottle (if ground is dry) and hammer stakes into ground and attach sign stand on top of it


  Once the property is sold, make a plan to pick up the Supra box and sign after closing!


1. Set expectations on preparing house for and managing showings

2. Determine plan for an open house

Schedule open house at least 7 days in advance

Promote the open house on social media throughout the week

Print off copies of the MLS Customer Brief for the listing

Print off a 6AH sign in sheet

Provide at least water and some snack

  3. Review all feedback and offers with your sellers

  4. Help them review them and determine the best option

  5. Follow up with all agents to notify them on the decision


1. Execute: sign contract and 3rd party financing, determine best way to receive option money

Could consist of picking up option from title and delivering it to seller

VALUE ADD: MAIL MELT GIFT CARD once under contract

 2. Prepare seller for what to expect after the inspection

 3. Provide them Contractor contacts if seller is completing repairs


 1. Prepare them for appraisal and discuss options if appraisal comes in low

 2. Remind them to begin forwarding their mail to a new address

*Value add: mail the Stress Kit (head massager and squishy ball)*


 1. Coordinate walk through schedule with the sellers

 2. Send Docs to Victoria 5 business days prior to closing for CDA as well as:

Insert button to list of required documents

Title Company contact

Wire/check information

CD – send Victoria once received

Schedule closing with Title

*VALUE ADD: SEND JIBJAB on closing day or once closing is scheduled*

   3. Drop off Keys at title if seller is not bringing them at closing

*VALUE ADD: GET CLOSING GIFTS - 6AH gift is the wooden box, cups, shot glasses, and TX Whiskey*

   4. Meet seller at closing and celebrate! 


1. Follow up with Sellers to make sure everything is okay

2. Send them a link to the Feedback Survey 

VALUE ADD: SEND TIFF TREATS to their new house once they move