1. Call lead within 24 hours to introduce yourself and outline our processes.

This is when you will send them the Buyers Form and have them get pre-approved if they are not already.

2. Send them Buyers Form Online and ask them to be as specific as possible

3. Help guide them through the pre-approval if needed

Send them list of recommended mortgage brokers on Preferred Vendors page

Use lending e-mail and script to have them pre-approved before meeting

4. Once they have completed steps 2 and 3, then schedule meet-up at local coffee shop near the area they want to live

Thanks so much for reaching out and for considering 6th Ave Homes for your real estate needs! Our team is excited to help you find your dream home.

If you could please visit the link below. On it you will find a simple form that we use to gather more info on exactly what you are looking for. Please be as specific as possible as it gives us an idea of how we can best help accomplish your real estate goals. It also walks you through the 6th Ave Homes buying process and gives you a big picture view of what to expect.

Once you fill out the form and have obtained a pre-approval from your lender we can schedule the "Meet Up".

Thanks so much and we look forward to working with you!

It is important with this call to establish where they are at with their financing. You need to leave the convo either knowing who their lender is or directing them towards our reccomended lender.

A few questions to ask :

Are you currently working with a Lender? If so have you been pre-approved? Are you interested in talking w/ someone we have great experience with?

Before The Meetup they will need to do 2 things:

A) Fill out the Buyers Form and reiterate that they need to be as specific as possible.

B) Get pre-approved and have all of their financing in order. Before we start looking at houses we need to make sure they are good to go and have a clear idea on what they can afford.



Review criteria on Buyers Form and set up an MLS search to know what homes currently listed meet their criteria and research other neighborhood options. Search for and book 3-5 potential homes you can show them.

1. Set up clients in ZipForms and import buyers contracts

Add buyers information as Buyer 1 and Buyer 2 and pre-populate contracts as needed

1) Login to your zipforms

2) Hit the "+ New" button in the top left. This will pop open a new window.

3) Enter the name of your Buyers in the "Name" field. Select the options "Purchase" and "Residential". Then select the "BUYING FORMS" from the template drop down menu. Hit "Save".
This will close the pop up window and take you to Buyers transaction that you just created.

4) Select the "Parties" tab in the tob menu section of your transaction window.

5) Hit the "+ New" button in the top left. This will pop open a new window.

6) You will see a drop down tab that says Select One. Chose "Buyer One". Fill in all the information you can. This will save you from having to enter this down the road. Make sure to select "Save As Contact"
We also reccomend looking the buyer up on facebook and downloading their profile picture. You can upload their picture where it says, "Add Photo".
Hit "Save"

1) 6th Ave Homes Mission + Core Values

2) Your Personal 6AH Bio Page

3) Team Bio Page

4) Copy of Buyer Steps

5) Copy of Buyers Form

6) Filled out IABS Doc

7) Buyers Rep Agreement

8) MLS Report of active houses in their criteria

At the Meet Up: 

1. Bring 6AH booklet

2. 6AH Folder and insert your business card on left side

3. 3-5 potential Houses  – can print info from MLS or show them on your computer

4. Bring 6AH Docs to review/sign

Give them the option to read them over and send for e-sign later


Buyer Rep Agreement

6AH Reno Terms

Info about Mineral Clauses



1) Introduce yourself.

2) Tell them about 6th Ave Homes. This includes our Mission and Values

3) Explain Team Roles. Transaction coordinator. If other agents will be showing. Go over team bios.

4) Get to know them and ask about what is prompting the move. Try to hone in on their dream location and dream home.

5) Go Over their Buyers Form. Discuss the form and dream. Ask if there is anything you are missing on the form that is a "Must Have".

6)Financing - Ask them about financing and pre-aproval. Anything we need to know?

7) Make a Copy of their DL. Just let them know that it is brokerage policy to keep on file.

8) Get IBAS & Buyers Rep Signed. A good way to set this up is, "Lets get paperwork out of the way, so we can dive into looking at homes"

9) Go over the list of active properties that you brought with you. Pick out a few favorites

10) Schedule a date to go see see the properties.

1) The Process - Go over the buyer steps.

2) Timing - How soon do they need to move? Explain that it will take 30-45 days from the time they find a house to close. The seller may also need to stay in a house longer and require a lease back.

3) Capacity - Explain that you work with other clients and you will do your best to respond quickly, but will not always be able to drop everything or respond immediately.

4) Showings - Showings will need to be scheduled 6-48 hours in advance. Sellers must approve showings and our times may be turned down.

5) Targets - They will need to widdle down their potential targets. No more than 4-5 houses at a time. No more than 2-3 showings at a time.

After the Meet Up: 

1. Send them a follow up e-mail outlining what you discussed and outlining next steps

This includes sending them contracts to sign and/or scheduling showings




1. Send them the meet-up documents to get signed (if they did not already sign)

2. Set them up with an MLS Search


VALUE ADD: mail them "Feel Lucky to work with you card and a lottery ticket" once all contracts are signed


1) Visit and login to your account

2) Click "Matrix". This will open a new window.

3) Click the "Search" tab up top -> "Residential" -> "Quick Search"

4) In top left area, unclick all excpet "Active"

5) Enter in search criteria

6) Make sure to do range for price and size

7) Click on "results" button. This is down in the bottom left area. This will take you to a new page with all of the active listings that meet your criteria.

8) On the left side you can select any property that you think is a good fit.

9) Select "Save". Then "New Saved Search". Name the search.

10) Then select "Create New Contact". Enter name, email, and then "Save". Then "Save" again.

Getting inside with your Supra Key:

1) Update E-Key app before you leave (in case there is no service).

2) Click obtain key on the app; activate bluetooth on your phone

3) Enter your personal pin code

4) If small blue box, click fob and make sure green light is flashing. Then directly point at infared spot on the blue lockbox

5)If large blue box, push bottom of box and ensure red light is flashing and point phone at box until unlocked

6) Get key, set box outside by door

7) Put the key in pocket (YOU WILL LOSE IT!)

**If have issue and need to call Supra, your ekey # is at the top of your app.



1. Set-up showings based on homes they like and homes you found

2. Send them a Google Calendar invite for all showings that day with the address and order of showing

What to bring to showings 

1. Things to Bring

Bring water, your charged phone, measuring tape, and iKey clicker (just in case they have an old ibox)

MLS Printouts with Property info

2. Get there early

Open all doors and turn on lights.

Remind buyers to act as if they are on camera! Discuss pricing outside of the house.

3. Finished

Once done, ensure all doors are locked and lights off.

4. Provide feedback to seller agent

Do not need to be extremely detailed or critical, try to be constructive if possible. remember the seller sees this as well

5. Email Feedback to Client.

Recap what all was seen and thoughts discussed.

Help them analyze the pros/cons of the different homes and look up recently sold comps to help determine a good offer price if they liked one.

If they did not find one they liked, brainstorm better criteria to search for or recommend a different neighborhood

It's always a good idea to do some due dilligence prior to seeing the property. We always reccomend looking up some info about the property and calling the listing agent.

1) Offers - You want to make sure there are no other offers on the table. If there are, you will need to move quickly.

2) Issues - Are there any issues or concerns with the house?

3) Reason For Selling - It never hurts to ask what is prompting the move.

4) Info about the house - Ask if there is any information about the house that the sellers would want to pass on to your buyers.

Things to do before you draft up an official offer:

1) Call the other agent to check status and seller motivations.

2) Call your clients to discuss their offer.

3) After you have gone over the offer with them on the phone, email them a recap with the offer points for confirmation. You want to make sure you are crystal clear on everything before you type it up.



1. Contact lender to ensure buyer will qualify for this home and ways to make their offer more competitive

2. Review MLS Listing for offer instructions, preferred title company, and download documents uploaded and share with buyer


3. Fill out and get signed by buyers before submitting to sellers agent


3rd Party Financing

Pre-approval Letter

New appraisal amendment

Buyers letter - pulling on the heart strings always helps!

4. Send the buyers Sellers Disclosure to review as well as any documents posted on MLS

5. Sign 6AH Square Footage Document


Steps to making an offer

1) Download and save the MLS Matrix Info for the listing as a PDF

2) Download and save the Realist Tax info. You will need this for the legal description and it is good to have on file for your client. This is accessed through the MLS listing in your Matrix platform.

Underneath the image of the house on Matrix is a TX Button.
Click that for Realist owner and tax info.
Upload into your zipforms client file.

3) Save all suplements. These are the Little paper stacks underneath the image. Download all the files. You will need to have your clients sign the Sellers Disclosure if they have included one. Add these documents to your zip forms transaction.

4) Login to Zipforms and open your clients transaction.

5) Click the "Property" Tab up top.

6) Click MLS Connect. Enter in MLS Login Info. Enter MLS Listing Number. Click "Find". Then click "Import". Click "Save" button up top.

7) Click the "Documents" Tab. Select "One to Four Family Residential" contract from list of documents.

8)Enter in the pertinent info. Info you will need includes:

Sellers info (from realist or tax)
Sales Price + Financing
Title Company
option time and fee
survey who pays
special provisions
home warranty
Seller concessions (FHA may require)
Lead Based Paint and Sellers Disclosure.

Make sure to select financing addendum if you are financing and above all MAKE SURE TO SAVE.

9) Send to clients for signatures. To do this you will click the "E-sign" button at the top of the page. Click "Sign This Form". Select the parties that need to sign. And then you will prompted on where to place signatures.

10) Repeat stpes for Lead Based Paint and Sellers Disclosure.

11) Once signed, send to listing agent. Make sure to include Lead Based Paint, Sellers Disclosure, and Pre-Approval Letter.

Once you have come to terms with the seller, there are a few things you need to do.

1) Make sure all parties have signed and initialed EVERY page

2) Make sure YOU enter the date execution page. This is YOUR job as the agent.

3) Circulate copies of the signed contract, Sellers Disclosure, Lead Paint (if applicable), Temp Lease (if applicable), and Financing addendum to ALL PARTIES. This includes:
-Sellers Agent
-Title Company
-Buyers Lender

4) Introduce Buyers to the title company via email. Let your buyers know that the title company will be their main point of contact for everything legal regarding the transaction and closing. They will handle the terms with their lender and will be responsible for getting clear title, title insurance, the deed, and ordering the survey.

5) Drop off Earnest money to the title company. THIS MUST BE DONE WITHIN 48 hours of contract execution. YOUR CLIENT WILL BE IN DEFAULT if not turned in.

6) Drop off Option Money to the sellers agent or seller.


1. Execute

Ensure it is signed by all parties

2. Sign Docs

SDLBPA, and any other applicable documents to submit to lender/title

3Notify Title Company

Send them a copy of the contract and other addendum

Name of closer -

Attached is an executed contract for address of home. The buyers (names) and sellers (names) are both CC'd on this chain

Names, name of closer(CC'd on here) will be your closer and escrow agent for this transaction. Her and the McKnight team are some of the best in the business and are our personal go to team. They will be handling all of the legal side of the transaction involving title, the deed, and handle the coordination with the current mortgage payoff and setting up the new one. I promise they will take great care of you guys.

Victoria, can you send out critical dates to all parties?

I will connect with each of you separately to chat through some next steps and what to expect next.

Thanks so much. We look forward to a smooth transaction.

4. Email Next Steps to Buyers. 

Name of client(s)

Congrats we are under contract! Woohoo. See the attached executed documents.

I just sent a separate email connecting you with the title company. They will be your point of contact for all things on the legal side of transaction. They will make sure the property has clear title and will coordinate with your lender on getting your mortgage set up.

A few next steps :

Critical Dates : Victoria will send over a simple doc with our critical dates and will also send over calendar invitations for each of them. These are important because we want to make sure we are always aware of our timelines and ensure we are always acting within the dates specified on the contract.

Checks : The next thing I need to do is connect with you on day to get 1) and earnest check for $amount made out to name of title company and 2) an option check for $amount made out to name of seller(s). I will coordinate dropping these off at the Title Company and the Sellers Agent office.

Lender : If working with them already: Now that we have an executed contract, we need to make sure your lender has it and knows that we are in the process of moving forward on a property. I will send them the contract and be in contact with them throughout the process to keep the ball rolling and troubleshoot if any issues pop up.

If NOT working with them already Can you forward them the contract? Additionally, in order to keep an open line of communication it helps to connect us with your lender. This way we can make sure to keep the ball rolling and troubleshoot if any issues pop up.

Due Diligence:

We now have number of days in option to do our due diligence. If at any point during the next number of days in option, you want to walk away from the house, we can do that.

The first thing to do is to get an inspection on the house. That will cost you around $400-450. One of our favorite inspectors is Jim Kessler 817-319-8012. He does not work with us, but is one of our favorite 3rd party vendors and independent contractors. He is very honest and knowledgeable of these old homes.

I will warn you, inspectors and inspections are not too favorable on older homes as their inspection is based on meeting 2018 code requirements. Because of that, there will be things that are not up to "modern code", but are grandfathered in and still totally fine and safe. I will help walk through the inspection report with you once we get it.

The inspection normally takes 2-3 hours. You do not have to be there for that, but sometimes it is nice to stop by towards the end of the inspection and get a chance to see the house again. Jim can also point out anything if he has some red flags he wants to show you.

I recommend scheduling him as soon as possible so we have time during the option period to bring in other contractors as needed to review any big red flags, and negotiate with the sellers.

Negotiations : It is normal to have some issues with the house that come up during the option period due to the inspection. This period is also our chance to go back and re-negotiate the price or repairs if we feel like we need any. Once we get the inspection we can make that call as a team and come up with the best strategy on how to move forward.

Thanks guys and Congratulations!


5. Pick up Earnest Money & Option Money from buyer

Drop off at title and sellers agent instructions on option

EM & Option Receipt is typically sent out by title and/or listing agent once option is received

6. Send critical dates document to buyers

Send corresponding calendar invites


7. Inspection and Contractors

Note time is of the essence, have them schedule inspection and any other contractors you recommend ASAP to inspect property and provide quotes

8. Construction

If remodeling, schedule contractors/designers for quotes during option period

9. Negotiate

Negotiate with sellers agent for repairs: sellers concessions (1% of sales price), reduction in sale price, etc

10. Notify lender

if planned negotiations to ensure it works with their loan

11. Amendments

Submit amendment(s) as needed and send signed amendment to lender and title

12. Update Zipforms

Save copy of MLS Agent report and MLS photos in Zipforms

There will ALWAYS be concerns brought up on inspections and if it is an old house there will probably be A TON of things brought up. It's an inspectors job to point out anything and everything wrong with a house. But know, that not everything is cause for alarm or worth fighting for. If a house is used, it will have some deficencies. Your job is to coach your client through what is major and what is minor.

For instance some rotted wood on the exterior, minor cracks in grout or sheetrock are not really causes for alarm. However, water damage, issues with HVAC, leaks, and foundation problems are all items that need to be corrected.

When asking for concessions you need to consider a few things :

-Are you getting a deal or market price? If you are already getting a below market price, then do not expect to get very many concessions. If you are paying top dollar, then ask for things to be taken care of.

-How motivated is the seller? If the property has been on the market for months, they will likely say yes to more repairs. If its only been on the market for a few days, dont expect to get too much. BUT, it never hurts to ask.

There are several things you can ask for during the inspection period and in regards to the inspection. I make sure to always send over the inspection with your "ask" so that you have proof of the things you are asking for.

1) You can ask for repairs to be done. Note, a seller may not want to deal with this or know how. If that is the case then move to 2)
2) You can ask for the Seller to lower the sales price, but the estimated price of the repairs.
3) You can ask the seller to contribute towards the buyers closing costs. Often this will put more money directly into the buyers pocket so they can pay for the repairs. If you lower a sales price by $1-2k it does not really afect their mortgage. But $1-2k towards closing costs will come directly from the amount they need to bring at closing.

Submit your requests to the listing agent and be prepared to compromise. Also tell your clients that they may not get any concessions at all and may need to be prepared to walk away or accept the house as is.



1. Notify lender once they are ready to order the appraisal

2.  title commitment for any irregularities

3. Guide buyer on Home Owners Insurance options and have them set it up

4. Remind them to review utilities and set them up for move date

5. Mail Forwarded submitted from old address

6Home Warranty set up: give client options and have them notify title to set it up

VALUE ADD: MAIL THE STRESS KIT (head massager and squishy ball)



1. 7 DAYS PRIOR TO CLOSING - Email and schedule Final Walk Through with your clients to make sure all repairs were done, the house is in order, and nothing has been damaged. Also remind your clients to set up utilities and make sure their home warranty has been set up (if they are getting one).

2. Send docs to Victoria 5 business days prior to closing for CDA


-Buyer Rep Agreement

-Listing Agreement

-Executed Contract

-Amendment/Addendum (Non-realty items, 3rd Party Fin., LBPA, etc)

-6AH Reno Terms and Conditions

-Receipted page (option, EM, contract)

-Seller's Disclosure

-6AH Square Footage Doc

-Temp leaseback (if applicable)

-Inpsection Report (if applicable)

-MLS Full Agent report

-TILA Respa

-Info about Mineral Clauses

-Title Commitment

-Final CD

Send her Title Company contact

Send her wire/check information

3. Send her CD once received and all final contracts she requests

4. Schedule closing with Title and Buyer


6. Arrange getting keys from Sellers Agent or at Title


Typically 6AH gift is the wooden box, cups, shot glasses, and TX Whiskey

7. Celebrate

Meet buyer at closing and celebrate!

If no walk through was scheduled, go with them to property to ensure everything looks correct



1. Follow up with Buyers to make sure everything is okay and their move was successful

2.  them feedback survey and VIP form

VALUE ADD: SEND TIFF TREATS to their house once they move in