The Radler Family

What are your names?

Alex & Chelsea Radler (with Paddington Bear, our puppy)


What neighborhood/district is your home in?



What do you love about your home?

Character!!! Each and every room is rich with character, funny, odd, cool, beautiful and intriguing. We also LOVE being on the corner overlooking "Forest Park" (the actual "park") and the draping canopy of trees cascading from every corner of our lot.


What is your favorite meal in Fort Worth?

Spaghetti Pomodoro from Piatello Italian Kitchen


What is your favorite watering hole in Fort Worth?

Our house!! or Cru Wine Bar in Clearfork


What was it like working with 6th Ave Homes?

A dream! But really, tons of fun. The worst part about buying our house was ending our weekly get together's with Jamey, looking at homes around Fort Worth


Who was your real estate guide?

Jamey Ice


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