The Palmer Family

What are your names?

David and Molly Palmer


What neighborhood/district is your home in?

Arlington Heights


What do you love about your home?

We love being in an older home, but one that has been updated. The wood floors throughout the house are to die for. The backyard and wooden deck are a great place to relax in the evenings, and we love being in the heart of Fort Worth.


What is your favorite meal in Fort Worth?

It’s hard to choose only one! A few favorites include Taco Heads, Thai Select, and Local Foods Kitchen.


What is your favorite watering hole in Fort Worth?

Taco Heads!


What was it like working with 6th Ave Homes?


Who was your real estate guide?

We started with Joey, but ended up with Jamey when the owners of the house we fell in love with were already using Joey as their real estate guide. We were lucky to work with two great people from 6th Ave Homes!


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