The Gaddis Family

What are your names?

Justin and Tara Gaddis


What neighborhood/district is your home in?



What do you love about your home?

We love the overall character of our 100-year-old house, front porch, and the neighbors. You cannot beat living on such a quiet tree-lined street in the middle of the city. Living in Fairmount is certainly an experience as well.


What is your favorite meal in Fort Worth?

Happy Hour at Shinjuku Station, followed by dessert at Melt


What is your favorite watering hole in Fort Worth?

Magnolia Motor Lounge, it rocks.


What was it like working with 6th Ave Homes?

Working with 6th Ave was fantastic. Our guides took a personal interest and made the process as seamless as possible.


Who was your real estate guide?

Kathy Wieland and Katie Shipman


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