Know and Carry out all Company Policies and Procedures as they now exist or may be amended, including the Company Mission Statement, Core Values, and Rules (titled 6th Ave Homes Handbook)

1. Team Meetings

Attend weekly and monthly meetings

Meetings are Wednesday at 10am weekly. These are ok to miss, if you notify team leader in advance.

All Team Meetings are the last Friday of the month at 3pm. These are mandatory, unless you have received prior written consent to miss.

2. Close a minimum of 6 Transactions per year

3 of these must be from your own leads.

3. Contracts and Documents

All Transactions must have all required 6AH Check List Docs for a CDA to be released.

4. Weekly Update

Agents must fill out a weekly update form by 5pm on Friday. Failure to do so will result in a warning. 3 warnings and the agent will be automatically terminated.


See below.

7. Social Media Marketing

See below.

6th Ave Homes Commission Split

120% of total commissions per transaction is to be paid to 6th Ave Homes LLC

2. An additional 20% is to be paid to brokerage for any lead given by 6th Ave Homes LLC or generated through 6th Ave Homes LLC. marketing campaigns and collateral.

Includes leads that come through our google voice hotline

Leads are given at the discretion of the brokerage

3. Commission split to Ave Homes LLC will be capped at $20,000 per calendar year.

4. Once capped agent will pay a flat fee of $600/transaction.


1. New agents will be paired with a mentor. The mentor will help with training and will be your point person for questions.

2. Mentors will allow you to help out and shadow them. This will include bringing you to meetings, showings, etc.

3. Mentors will also ask you to “Help”. The best way to learn is to do it. This will include showings, open houses, working on contracts, etc.

4. Your mentor will assist you with your first 2-3 transactions. Mentors will be paid 40% of your first two transactions or 50% if it is a lead provided by 6AH.


1. Respond to team members & client emails and phone calls within 24 hours (excluding Sundays).

Exceptions are vacations (must notify team in advance), holidays, and emergencies

2. Be quick to apologize and own mistakes.

3. Must be honest with the 6AH team when conflicts arise, problems surface, or you have too much on your plate.

4. Use & maintain a Google Calendar. Anytime you schedule a meeting (with team members or clients), send an invite.



Once 6th Ave Homes LLC office space (908 Bryan Ave, Fort Worth TX 76104) is open and useable, all agents will be required to pay a $100 / month fee for use.

This fee may be raised or lowered at Brokerage discretion.



All agents are required to have, maintain, and actively use a lead database

1. Database must have a minimum of 400 People and will include

50 VIPs - Your top referrers

All Past Clients

2. All agents are required to call and or write everyone in your database twice per year

Strategy : 26 letters in alphabet and 52 weeks in a year. If you call one letter / week, then you would connect twice per year

Weekly Lead Generation Requirements

All agents agree to make the following weekly lead generating phone calls or meetings :

1 call to a past clients

5 calls to VIP’s

Call 1 letter (first letter in last name) in your database of 400 database per week

This will be the equivalent of 2 touch points per year for everyone in your database

2 lunches or coffees / week with a potential lead or someone in your database


Have, maintain, and actively use a personal Instagram and Facebook account

All agents agree to make 1 real estate related Social Media post per week on personal platforms

All agents agree to write or provide copy for 2 blog posts for the 6AH website per year


1. When interacting with clients or leads all agents agree to:

2. Respond to a Buyer’s or Seller’s Form (lead), email intro, phone call, or lead within 24 hours by phone and email (excluding weekends)

3. Bring a 6th Ave Homes Folder and Buyer’s or Seller’s Packet to every “Meet-Up”

4. Send  calendar invitations for all Meetings & Showings

5. Send and email recap after all showings and client meetings

6. All agents agree to use and fulfill our 6th Ave Homes Value Touchpoints

7. You can pay your Transaction Coordinator to do these things


If you are personally buying any real estate, please notify brokerage (Jamey and or Jimmy) in writing (email). Wholesaling and flipping are not allowed personally. If you would like to participate or do a joint venture in a flip or investment property, please let us know prior to getting it under contract. If you would like to flip or wholesale property, it must be done through the 6th Ave Investments protocol and team.

Purchasing for your personal home is allowed and encouraged. Note: we will not expect a commission off of this other than the fixed cost for the transaction if commission is generated in the sale:

$150 Troy Austin Broker Fee

$125 Victoria Capps - Transaction Compliance Fee

Agent must have express consent from Jimmy and Jamey for use of any subcontractors or members of our renovation team.


1. Understand requirements on how to keep your license current

Every agent is required to complete Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE) within the first two years their license is active

The date to use is the one printed on your license

SAE is 90 hours of training

2. Once you complete your SAE, all Sales Agents are required to complete the following trainings every two years after that:

Complete Legal I and Legal II every two years

These are 4 hours each and are put on by GFWAR

Complete 10 hours of Continuing Education (CE)

These are put on by GFWAR and title companies


Agent that comes on specifically for wholesaling

Agent that sells predominantly investment properties

Previous agreement with Jamey and Jimmy

Tenured Agent (over 20 transactions total, and/or close 12+ a year)

Or if you have a great reason not too and we agree. We are always up to discuss.