Principles for How we communicate with the outside world


If you confuse. You’ll lose.

People don't always buy the best products and services. Instead they buy the products that they can understand the fastest. It’s a race to understanding and clear communication. People are drawn to clarity & simplicity.

Get rid of the “curse of knowledge”

Always avoid talking over your customer's head and using jargon. Dumb things down. Avoid realtor lingo.

Get Rid of Clutter

Always keep your message simple. Anything that does not fit into the branding script is noise and does not need to be communicated.

You are not the hero. You are the guide.

Your client is always the hero in the story. Identify their problem and help them overcome it.

Not about us winning. But our clients winning. Avoid talking about how great you are and what you have done and do. Speak in terms of how you can help them accomplish their goals.

Know your character and what they want

People want to be seen, heard, and understood. Discover and then communicate the problems they have to overcome. Give them a plan on how you are going to come alongside them and help them overcome their problems. Clearly define their problems and the benefits your services will have on their life. Then give them a call to action. 

We Must Poses Empathy and Authority

We have to understand our customers problems and empathize. Get down on one knee and serve. But at the same time we must act and communicate with authority. We have to know what we are doing and be good at it and have the solution that serves their problems. 

People respond to stories. Not advertising. 

Want to be effective with social media? Don't treat it as advertising! I repeat, social media is not advertising. Tell great stories and give compelling content. Tell your clients stories and tell your story. 

Jib, Jib, Jab.

Give, give, give, and then ask. People will tune you out if you are always selling or "asking them to do something". Give people compelling content and earn the right for an ask. 

FOMO is your friend 

We are inviting people into a culture and experience. Our posts and brand should make people want to join our "club". Show people success, this is what your life could like if you work with us. Show people culture, this is how much fun you would have if you work with us.

Organizations that don't have a face, don't have a soul

Organizations and businesses need a face. People don't trust nameless, faceless organizations, people trust people. Organizations run at the speed of trust. You need to know who the "guy" is, think Steve Jobs. The guide has to have a face. 

In Social Media consistency is king

It's not about always having the best post, but about always being consistent with posting. 

Never take the bait

We will have trolls and naysayers. NEVER EVER engage them online. We will not be petty. 

Mistakes are opportunities

Humility is your friend. If you own your mistakes they become opportunities. Be quick to admit when wrong and see them as a chance to win some one over. 

an insurgent mentality & Mission

6th Ave Homes exists because, quite frankly, we thought we could do it better. We believe that our culture, company, and the way we do things is unique and did not exist previously in our city. We saw a need and we believed we could fill it and do it better than our competition. 



Branding Script

Who we are and What we do.


Who are you? A one stop shop real estate company.

Who is your customer? Anyone looking to create or find their dream home

What are the problems that they are dealing with? 

1) Navigating the complicated and challenging process of finding or creating their dream home

2) Figuring out how to execute their vision for their dream home.

3) Finding a guide they can trust and making a wise decision.

Why do you have the authority to help them with their problem? We are the experts on real estate. We have done over 100+ transactions and know the ins and outs of real estates. We are licensed and trained. Our portfolio speaks for itself. 

What is your plan that is going to help them with their problem? Partner them with the right agent (guide) to navigate the process and make it simple. Connect them with the right contractor to execute their vision. We are the guides and team to help them find or create their dream home. 

What will their life look like after their problem is resolved? Happy and in their dream home.

What will their life look like if they don’t take you up on your offer? Complicated, stressful, they might pay more, wont execute their vision, and run into pitfalls.