Hooray! You made it to closing!

Now what??

Congrats on making it to the finish line. It's not easy and we know you have put in a ton of work to get here! But, there are still a few things left to do and we want to make sure we have all of the documents that you have worked so hard on the past several weeks. 


In order to get paid you will need a signed CDA (Commission Disbursement Authorization). The CDA is a nifty little spreadsheet that will have the financial breakdown for your transaction.....or more simply, who gets paid what. In order to get paid by the title company at closing, you will need to turn in a SIGNED CDA to the title company PRIOR to closing. I would recommend having this submitted to the title company at least 3-5 days before your closing date. 

A few things of Note : 

-The CDA must be signed by Jamey Ice, Victoria Capps, Jimmy Williams, or Troy Austin. If it is not signed by one of those people, it is not valid and you are not authorized to submit it or get paid.

-Victoria Capps will help make your CDA and will essentially be your go to person at closing. Her contact info is

Victoria Capps - victoria@6thavehomes.com - 361-288-0844

-To get your CDA, send Victoria an email letting her know you have a closing coming up and she will help get all the info necessary to complete it. I would make sure to give her plenty of time for this. Please do not ask for your CDA the day before closing. 


In order to get your CDA signed by us, you will need to make sure you get us all of the documents from the transaction. This is to make sure you are in full compliance with TREC procedures and so that we keep a record of everything in your transaction. This is to protect you and to protect us. We will keep digital files of everything. 

We will issue a signed CDA once we make sure we have every single document signed on file. You will probably be missing a couple things, thats ok, we will just need you to go back and get them signed from your client. A CDA will not be issued unless we have every document signed. Make sure to give yourself ample time in case you are missing a document. 


Document Checklist 



-Buyer, Listing, or Tenant Rep Agreement

-Sales Contract



-HUD or Closing Statement

-Title commitment

-3rd Party Financing Addendum

-6AH Reno Terms/Conditions

-EM & Option receipts

-Sellers Disclosure

-Info about Square Footage

-Lead Based Paint

-Temp Leaseback (if applicable)

-Inspection Report (if applicable)

-MLS agent full report of Listing

-TILA Respa 

-Info about Mineral Clauses