Chandler and friends

Chandler and Friends-1.jpg

What are your names?

Chandler, Sarah, Kathryn, & Kacey

What neighborhood/district is your home in?


What do you love about your home?

We love everything about Big Blue! The location, our neighbors, the people who live in the house, the big kitchen that allows for all 4 of us to cook at the same time, and really how it enables us to open our doors to so many people. We love having friends over, old and new. Come stop by!

What is your favorite meal in Fort Worth?

Depends on which one of us you ask… We love being so close to se many good places on Magnolia Ave and near Southside, but really, theres not a restaurant in Fort Worth we don’t like. We’re big food people and if we can sit outside even better!

What is your favorite watering hole in Fort Worth?

Avoca, Sons of Liberty, Buon Giorno, and HG

What was it like working with 6th Ave Homes?

Incredible! Truly couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to help us find a home that works so well for the 4 of us.

Who was your real estate guide?

The ever so kind and patient Jamey Ice