We believe in Celebrating Well

The idea of having fun while we work and constantly adding value to a clients experience should be played out in how we celebrate with our clients. 

We want to make their closing experience a fun one and something they will not forget.

6th Ave Homes Closing Traditions

-Give the client a 6th Ave Homes Gift Box at the actual closing. The gift box can include a number of items, but always want to have something to toast with it. We recommend local TX Whiskey, but tequila, champagne, sparkling juice (non alcoholic) are also good gifts. 

-Always include a handwritten thank you note. 

-Do a toast at the end of signing. 

-Ask your clients if you can pray for them and for their house.


Gift Box - $30

Shot Glasses - $3 each

Coffee Mugs - $5 each

Thank You Card - $0.50

Moving Stickers - Pack $9

Other Gift Ideas

Pet Tags with new address

Next Door As It Is In Heaven - Great book on living missionally with your neighbors