We believe in Celebrating Well

The idea of having fun while we work and constantly adding value to a clients experience should be played out in how we celebrate with our clients.

We want to make their entire experience with 6th Ave Homes a fun one and something they will not forget. That is why we want to send them fun gifts along the way and have a big celebration at closing.


1. First Call

After the first call or meeting send them a hand written thank you letter

2. Meet Up

At the Meet Up make sure to pick up the tab for coffee, lunch, drinks, etc. 

Also bring a 6AH folder with your business card, paperwork, and the new client booklet

    3. You’re Hired!

Once they have decided to work with you and Buyers / Sellers Rep Signed

Send them a $5 scratch off lottery ticket (or another equivalent item) with a note that says:

"We are so lucky to work with you. PS if you win, we are buying a bigger house!"

    4. House Hunting

While House Hunting bring different items to show them you care like Topo Chico, water, snacks, etc.

If between showings, you can always take a break to grab a drink or coffee too.

    5. Once the Offer is Accepted:

Send Next Steps Email to buyer

Send executed contract to Title Company and their lender

Mail or deliver (when picking up earnest/option checks) a $5 Melt Gift Card or equivalent

   6. When you are Out of Option and awaiting Financing / Appraisal

Mail them the 6AH branded Stress Away Kit.

It includes a head scratcher and stress ball. Send them a note about understanding how stressful the home buying process is.

   7. Appraisal & Closing

 Once you hear the Appraisal is good and closing is scheduled:

Text them a Jib Jab Video with everyone’s faces

If they are moving before closing, you can send them moving tape and packing stickers in advance

    8. Closing Day

On closing day bring them a 6AH Box with 6AH branded items (or other gifts if your clients do not drink)

Photo Cut Out and take photos of them in front of their new house

   9. After Close

A) Drop off a Lipari House Painting. This can be of the house they sold if it was special to them or of their new house if it is their first home.

B) Send Feedback from our VIPs Survey to get feedback and contact information to reach out to them in the future (birthday, anniversary, etc)

C) Schedule Tiff’s Treats (or equivalent) Delivered on 2nd or 3rd Saturday after closing. Tiff’s Treats will coordinate a delivery date and time with them.

D) 2-3 months after they have moved in, book A lifestyle family photo shoot in their new house with Megan Zebell. $150 and they get some amazing photos in their new house. It gives you great marketing photos, lets us add them to the “Families” page, and will give them some fun photos to share with their friends and family.

6th Ave Homes Closing Traditions

Give the client a 6th Ave Homes Gift Box at the actual closing. The gift box can include a number of items, but always want to have something to toast with it. We recommend local TX Whiskey, but tequila, champagne, sparkling juice (non alcoholic) are also good gifts. 

Always include a handwritten thank you note

Do a toast at the end of signing. 

Ask your clients if you can pray for them and for their house.


Gift Box Set - $96 with bottle of TX Whiskey

Gift Box Set (no whiskey/no shot glasses) - $46

6AH koozies - $10

6AH Branded Box - $30

6AH Mug - $6

6AH Shirt - $10/ea.

Shot Glass - $5/ea.

Cards - $1

Tape - $5

Stickers - $5

6AH Branded TX Whiskey - $40

6AH Hat - $7

6AH Squeeze ball w/head scratcher- $2

Gift Box Set include:

6AH branded wooden box, two shot glasses, coffee mug, thank you card, moving tape. The cost of the closing gift will be deducted on your CDA.

Other Gift Ideas

Pet Tags with new address

Next Door As It Is In Heaven - Great book on living missional with your neighbors

Welcome Home sign with their last name

Gift cards for restaurants near their new house

Gift cards to Bed Bath and Beyond, etc.

Fun items for their kids

Transaction coordinator fee for touchpoints


$50 for the service

$20 for postage, packaging, 6AH branded gifts (TY cards, stress ball, head scratcher, etc).

Post Close

$250 w/ photo shoot

$100 w/o photo shoot

$50 for the service (postage and service is included in the pricing above; it also includes the cost of the gift cards listed below)

Includes the following :

  • scheduling and coordinating of 1 year Home Anniversary Photo Shoot (guide to pay photographer directly); along with a “check-in” email

  • Sending a birthday card and gift per client (i.e. husband gets a card and gift, and so does the wife; $5 gift card to Brewed, Melt, etc.*)

  • Sending a wedding anniversary card and gift per couple ($20 gift card to their favorite restaurant*)