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Thanks for visiting the 6th Ave Homes Buying Steps. Our team of experienced agents are excited to help you find your DREAM HOME!

Below you will find a simple form that we use to gather info about you, your family, and exactly what you are looking for. Please be as specific as possible as it gives us an idea of how we can best help you accomplish your real estate goals. This page also walks you through the 6th Ave Homes buying process and gives you a big picture view of what to expect.


Step 1 - fill out the form bellow

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Time : 30 - 45 min

After you fill out the form above one of our team members will contact you to schedule your 6th Ave Homes "Meet Up". This is our time to get to know each other and see how we can help you find your dream home. We want to chat about your vision, budget, and timeline.

Most importantly, we'll use this time to discuss expectations - the support you can expect from us throughout the process, and what we'll need from you to make this a successful partnership.  


STEP 3 - Secure Financing

Our next and most important step is to make sure you have your financing secured.  This will help us find the perfect home that fits your budget.  It will also allow us to move quickly if we find the right house and will show sellers that you are committed and ready to purchase.

To make the financing process as painless as possible, we have a web application Steadkey that makes the home buying and approval process fast and easy.   Our loan consultant Jerry Williams will contact you to answer your questions and get you fully approved. He will work with you and your agent to make sure the financial aspect of your home purchase is stress free. 

You can contact Jerry directly at jerry@nuwavelending.com, call him at 214.403.0963 or you can check out steadkey.com/buyers here request an invitation to start the financing process. If you are already working with a lender, no problem. Just let us know, so that we can make sure we have all you need to begin the house hunting journey. 


STEP 4 - Hunting 

Once your financing is secured it's time to start hunting! There are a lot of homes out there, and our agents will help you navigate the process. We are committed to making the search fun, successful, and as stress-free as possible. 


STEP 5 -Game On. Make An Offer!

Once you've found a home you love, the next step is deciding on a price. Your agent can give you information on other properties in the neighborhood to help you ensure you make an informed decision when it comes to price. Look to your agent to explain and guide you through the offer process.


STEP 6 -Due Diligence

If your offer is accepted it's time to do some old fashioned due diligence. This way you'll know what you are getting into before you complete the purchase. We will connect you with the best inspectors and contractors and our team will walk you through any improvements and challenges within your home. We can help you decide if you want to ask the seller to fix anything on the property, if you want to go through with the purchase, or if there are any improvements you want to do after you close. 


STEP 7 -The Home Stretch

  The last phase of the home buying process will be to work with the title company to gather all of the necessary legal and funding documents needed to close the sale. 

No sensible car owner would drive without insurance, so it figures that no homeowners should be without insurance either. Your agent can help connect you with the best insurance brokers to find the right coverage for your home. 


STEP 8 - Close the Deal

It’s now time to make it official. After signing some paperwork and closing documents at the title company, the house will be yours! Because you have been working with the 6th Ave Homes team, this largely complicated step will feel like a breeze.


STEP 9 - Celebrate!

You did it! You are a home owner and officially a part of the 6th Ave Homes Family. Take some pics and celebrate well!