sTeps A-Z of the buyer Process

Follow these steps and you will have success


1- Initial Phone Call

within 24 hours of Email

This is your first opportunity to get to know the Seller. Your job with this call is to introduce yourself, get to know a little bit about them, and ask a few questions about what is prompting the move. This is also a good opportunity to win them over and tell them about what we do and why 6th Ave Homes is the company for them.

-Homework - Selling Steps

It is important with this call to establish where they are at with their financing. You need to leave the convo either knowing who their lender is or directing them towards our reccomended lender.

A few questions to ask :

Are you currently working with a Lender? If so have you been pre-approved? Are you interested in talking w/ someone we have great experience with?

Before The Meetup they will need to do 2 things:

A) Fill out the Buyers Form and reiterate that they need to be as specific as possible.

B) Get pre-approved and have all of their financing in order. Before we start looking at houses we need to make sure they are good to go and have a clear idea on what they can afford.


2- Database Entry

Within 4-8 hours of phone call

1) Zipforms

-New Button (+)

-Opens a window

Name, Transaction Type, Property Type, Assign self as agent

Apply Template (Buyers Form)

2) Parties

Select One = Buyer One 

Name, Phone, Email, Address, 

Pull FB Profile Picture and Save

Save As Contact


Click on Document Tab inside transaction


Make sure filled out.

4) Buyers Agreement

Make there info is in it

Terms - Will fill in at meetup


IABS, Listing Agreement, Sellers Discolure


NTREIS - Login

Click Tax Tab

Opens Realist

Enter Address

Print as PDF - Save as Address "Tax"

Save this in your zipforms 

The important info on this is

MLS Area, you will need this for comps

MLS Sub Area you will need this for comps

Square footage, number of rooms

CMA Report

NTREIS - Login

Click Matrix


residential - quick

add on pending and sold

Enter MLS  # from realist in  "AREA" box. Its under zipcode.

Can select multiple sub areas

Enter in your search criteria

Click search

Select the ones you want

Click "quick CMA" at the botm

Cloud CMA is big fancy one with pictures

3- Follow Up

Within 4-8 hours of phone call

1) Send Sellers Form

2) Tell them you will 

If do not have one

4- Set Meet up

After Pre-Aproval

1) Schedule Meet Up

Google Calendar Invite

2) Confirm we have info and working with lender. 

3) Set up MLS Saved Search based on their critera

You will print off and bring to the meeting or laptop

click "Matrix"

Search tab up top - Residential - "Quick Search"

In top left area, unclick all excpet Active

Enter in search criteria

Make sure to do range for price and size

Click on "results" Bottom left area

Left side, select all 


"New saved search"

Name the search

Create new contact

Enter name, email, save

Save again


Must have Pre-Approval for Meet Up

6- The Meet Up

After Pre- Aproval

1) Intro

2) Needs Analysis

Discuss form and dreams

3) Copy of DL

4) IBAS & Buyers Rep Signed

Lets get paperwork out of the way, so we can dive into looking at homes

4) Explain Team Roles

Transaction coordinator, Other agent at showings

5) Discuss Expectations

Timing, Process, 

Cant drop everything, unless its a live with out

Explain showings have to be approved by sellers. 

No more than 4-5 houses

6) Go over current listings

Pick out some favorites

7) Schedule date to go show


7 - Thank You

Hand written thank you note

a text just isnt the same

8-Houses to SEe List

1) Email their top 4

No more than 5

2) Check status with other agent

3) Book - CSS

From Matrix

Little CSS button under bottom right of house image


Click green "Schedule Appointment Button"

Follow instructions to schedule

4) Book no CSS

If No CSS button, scroll down to the bottom of the MLS Sheet

Call agent to schedule

9 -Showings

1) To Bring

-Bottled Water


-Print off MLS sheets

-Print tab at bottom 

-Select "Agent Full" & "Customer Full" - Print

Info about neighborhood

2) Supra Key

Update E-Key app before you leave (in case no service)

click obtain key

enter pin code

Click fob and point

**If have issue and need to call Supra, your ekey # is at the top of your app. 


Get key, Set box outside by door

Key in pocket (YOU WILL LOSE IT!)

3) Go ahead of client and turn on lights

4) Show outdoors too.

5) Turn off Lights, Make sure all doors are locked

6) Return key to box 

8- Feedback Agent & Clients

1) Feedback agent CSS

Not our job to be hyper critical

Say thank you for showing

2) Email recap to clients

recap what they told you and ask for any further thoughts

9 - Rinse and Repeat if needed


8-Offer Time!

1) Call other agent to check status and seller motivation

2) Call to discuss offer

3) email offer points for confirmation

4) Download and save as PDF MLS Matrix Info

A) PDF of MLS listing on Matrix

B) Realist Tax info

Underneath the image of the house on Matrix is a TX Button

Click that for Realist owner and tax info

Upload into your zipforms client file

C) Save all suplements - Little paper stacks underneath the image. Download all. If 

-> Add document under transaction. Browse. Upload.

4) Create Offer - Zipforms

Open Transaction for client

A) Click "Property" Tab up top

Click MLS Connect

Enter in MLS Login Info

Enter MLS Listing Number Find

Then click import

Then click save button in property tab

B) SElect Documents Tab

Select One to Four Family Residential contract from list of documents

Things Need : 

Sellers info (from realist or tax)

Sales Price + Financing

Title Company, Earnest, option time and fee, survey who pays, special provisions, home warranty, Seller concessions (FHA may require), if recieved Lead and SD. Ask about minerals. other agent info. 

2) Send to clients for signatures

3) Client Letter - Pull the heart strings

4) Once signed, send to listing agents 

Must include, Lead Based Paint, Pre-approval, SD




    Email Offer with 6AH Letter &  Proof of Funds to Listing Agent            
    Send "Offer Submitted" Email to Client / cc: Team    Kimberly Pafford <>,
James Williams <>,
Joey Turner <>,
jamey ice <>        
    If offer is not accepted... Rinse… Dry… Repeat    breathe… pray… advise clients to do the same        
    If offer is accpeted, move on to Contract to Close Plan            



Confirm closing date with lender 10 days out and 4 days out.