We are two guys that should not be best friends, much less business partners, and much less restoring old houses together.  But, here we are. Our families are best friends, we are across the street neighbors, and in 2014 we started a real-estate company that specializes in buying, selling, and renovating old houses. Together we have bought, sold, and restored over 28 properties in Fort Worth.

One of us is a musician. A real-life rockstar, born and raised in Fort Worth, growing up listening and playing the classics like Led Zeppelin and The Stones. The other is a Detective at the Fort Worth Police Department. A real-life 3rd generation cop’s cop, born and raised in Fort Worth, growing up listening to stories of Fort Worth crime fighting. We met in high school where we would spend our Friday nights with one of us at a football stadium and the other playing gigs at local bars. We formed a surprising friendship and our stories been intertwined ever since. 

Although our lives seem to have no intersection, we have somehow ended up here in Fort Worth, working to restore...well, everything.

Restoration is really what drives us and our company. From a musician's standpoint, it can be as simple as taking a familiar sound or melody and using it to tell a story that moves and affects people. From a cop’s perspective, it’s working to keep our neighborhoods safe and crime off our streets. Every day, you have the opportunity to impact the community in a positive way.

Everyone loves to see things restored. Everyone loves the before and after pictures. Everyone loves the biography of the person who hits rock bottom only to stand on the mountain top. There’s literally no better feeling than watching something that is old, disgusting, and discarded get redone and brought to life. Whether it’s an old piece of scrap wood reclaimed to make something brand new. Or a beat up house house that was neglected, now rehabbed and home to a family. Watching things be brought back to life is what keeps us going.

It’s the same for us and our company. We try to incorporate the idea of restoration in everything we do. From our relationships with our customers, contractors, our families, the community, and most obviously in our houses. We want to make them all better than when we found them. Our mission is simple :

Restoring houses. Creating homes. 

  If you are interested in buying one of our houses, have questions about restoring or buying your own fixer upper, or have a property you would like to sell; head over to our contact page, we would love to hear from you!